Difference between the two Kings – A story – Moimeera (mohi.meera@yahoo.com)

In one of his discourses, the Shaikh told us this story. I’m narrating it in my words.

A minister of a king suddenly disappeared. The king asked his people to search for him and he was found in a far away place leading a normal life. When asked to come back to the palace, he refused and said that he is now in the service of a great king. When this was conveyed to the king he got curious and went in person to meet the minister.

After exchange of pleasantries, the king asked the minister who was the king he was serving. The minister replied saying that he is the greatest king of all and I found 5 differences between him and all other kings of this world. The minister said that these differences made him love this great king more and he will serve him till his death. The king asked him to list the differences and the minister listed them.

1. All kings of this world will be sitting while their slaves have to stand while conversing with them. But, this king actually carries his slaves wherever the slaves go.

2. All kings of this world sleep in palaces and their slaves have to keep a watch on them and serve them, many a times sacrificing their own sleep. But, this king lets the slaves sleep and he keeps a watch on them. He himself never sleeps or naps.

3. All kings of this world eat the best of foods and his slaves who cook the food hardly get to taste any of them. They may even lose their lives if the king dislikes the food. But, this king feeds his slaves all through the life and he has no need for food.

4. The punishment for a mistake from the kings of this world is multiple times bigger than the mistake. But, this kings Forgiveness is bigger than the biggest of the mistakes of his slaves.

5. I used to fear the death of the king worrying about my future. The new incumbent may throw Cialis online me out or even put me in prison for my loyalty to the previous regime. But, this king has no death.

This king is Allah, my creator and sustainer, the one without any needs, fulfiller of all our needs. If you have been His slave once, you will not be a slave to anyone else.

The king went back to his palace with something to think.

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